Historic building gets new copper top

Historic building in downtown Oxford is getting a much-needed face-lift.


A prominent architectural feature in historic downtown Oxford received a much-needed face-lift last week thanks to a local resident who knows his way around metal.

Cast your eyes skyward and you’ll immediately notice the familiar turret adorning the top of the building housing Margot’s Gallery & Frame (5 S. Washington St.) has been covered in a shiny layer of bright copper.

The impressive metal work was done by Jim Reis, a 12-year resident of Oxford. The idea of adding his own professional touch to a building constructed around 1879 was extremely appealing to Reis, who’s spent 20 years working with all types of metals for exterior and interior uses.

“To be a part of something that was before me, before I was ever born, and know that my work is going to be here long after I’m gone is very exciting,” he said.

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