Hiller’s branches out to Mitzvah Meals

Hiller’s Markets CEO Jim Hiller does what he can to give back to the community and the newly adopted program Mitzvah Meals looks to help needy local families.


Jim Hiller takes this George Bernard Shaw quote to heart: “My life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

Hiller — CEO of the Hiller’s Markets chain — along with Temple Beth El of Bloomfield Hills is launching the Mitzvah Meals program fund-raiser for needy local families. Beginning in June, families can buy a box of high-quality groceries for $30 at any one of the Hiller’s locations, including West Bloomfield, Commerce Township and Union Lake.

“A strong man, a good man, is one who recognizes and uses the power he has to help others,” Hiller said. “We’re already seeing generous families ordering food for those who need it in an effort to preserve their privacy and maintain their integrity. I am honored to work with such an established and inspirational synagogue to help local families keep their heads above water.

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