Hike, cross-country ski or snowshoe in ‘Oaks’ Land

Oakland County parks have a lot to offer this winter.


We humans have choices: Slump down on the couch with pizza and watch
the waistline grow, or get out and enjoy and feel good for doing so in
the new year.

First, explore www.DestinationOakland.com
if you have a passion or need for winter activity and exercise. There
are many good trails to hike or ski during winter months that are
managed by township and city park agencies, the Michigan DNR and the
Huron Clinton Metropark Authority (www.metroparks.com).

But if
you want one-stop shopping for hiking, cross-country skiing and
snowshoeing exclusively on parklands of Oakland County Parks and
Recreation, this is the spot, and this Web site is first rate.

a general tip: If a park’s name ends in “oaks,” it’s a unit of Oakland
County Parks and Rec, and covered by one annual vehicle pass.

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