HBO male escort comedy films in West Bloomfield Twp.

West Bloomfield Twp. gets a taste of Hollywood in the form of an HBO show.


While HBO did need a few building permits approved and the Fire Department on location during filming of a scene, no elected officials from the township were required to sign off on the project.

The show is set in “southern Michigan” with the main character, Ray Drecker, from West Bloomfield, said an HBO spokeswoman. The Fire Department is even included in a scene in the pilot in which a fire breaks out in the lead character’s cottage.

“It’s very exciting for our subdivision,” said Don Piggott, Liz’s husband, who looks after the cottage HBO chose for filming, once the home of an elderly neighbor, because it’s dwarfed by a three-story house next door. “We’re an old subdivision — originally, it was mostly cottages — so this is fantastic.”

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