Flint ranked #1 in Michigan by Travelmath Airport Rankings

We are proud to announce that Travelmath Airport Rankings named Flint number one for travel, overall, in the state of Michigan, and 75th in the country!
Airport Director, Craig Williams:  “As I travel around the region promoting our airport, I hear over and over again how easy we are to use, how friendly our staff is and how great our airlines and TSA are.  Lists like this are a great perspective builder, reminding us how fortunate we are to have this great facility serving the Southeast Michigan region”.
When it comes to travel, the quality of the airports you take flight from and touch down at can have a big impact on your trip overall. Flight delays, cancellations, lost baggage claims, fare prices – these types of experiences can make or break your trip. Travelmath ranks the airports themselves to give you an inside look into the nation’s best and worst options. Using information collected from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics throughout 2015 so far, they ranked 322 airports across the United States based on their results in each category.

State Rank
Cancelled Flights %
Delays %
Avg. Delay (mins)
Taxi Time (mins)
Avg. Fare
TSA Claims
2193Traverse City3.3217.455.713.05$5745
2384Grand Rapids2.6118.83812.05$44013

The 2015 Travelmath.com Airport Rankings were determined from data gathered from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Airport data was gathered from January 1 to August 31, 2015. To determine the overall ranking, they ranked the airports in each of the six categories listed in the table. Next, they assigned an overall rank based on the sum of all categories. If more than one airport had the same overall rank, it was deemed a tie and consequently given the same rank.
A flight is considered delayed if its departure is 15 or more minutes past its scheduled time.
If a negative value is indicated for the category of “Avg. Flight Delay (mins)” that means that the airport is ahead of schedule, on average.
The “Cxld” abbreviation means “Cancelled”.
The 2015 Travelmath.com Airport Top 10 Lists graphic was created by filtering the overall rank by flight volume.
Flint Bishop International Airport (FNT) is “The smart way to fly.” Flint offers the lowest average airfares in Michigan, making “Pure Michigan Purely Affordable. We also guarantee you all of the destination options of a larger airport, while flying from the comfort of a relaxing and beautiful facility. Flint features all-jet service, with flights provided by Allegiant, Southwest Airlines, United, Delta Air Lines and American. Our airlines provide many nonstop flights to popular destinations across the country that will also connect you around the world. Bishop airport where jet-setters journeys begin. For reservations and flight information from Flint, visit our web site at bishopairport.org.