Filmmakers learn of Michigan’s benefits

Film Detroit, a division of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, pitched the benefits of shooting films in Michigan to over 250 Hollywood types at the Writers Guild West Theatre in Beverly Hills on Feb. 3.


“The thing that I found most interesting about Detroit is that they have such a breadth of locations. One of the things that one might imagine when going to a major Midwestern city is that it looks like a major Midwestern city. But we had rural areas, farm areas–every possible thing we could think of, we found right there in Detroit,” said Michael Williams, a line producer for “Miss January,” starring Kim Cattrall and Brian Dennehy.

Williams was part of a panel that included a co-executive producer, a representative from the Teamsters and a television and film accountant. They addressed questions from a packed house about the logistics of shooting in the metro Detroit area, which has been increasingly popular since generous tax breaks were approved last year.

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