Doeren Mayhew merges with Houston-based CPA firm TR Moore & Company

Reaffirming its commitment to metropolitan Detroit and Michigan while finding new avenues for growth, Doeren Mayhew today announced a merger with Houston-based CPA and consulting firm TR Moore & Company, P.C. The merger combines two of the firms on INSIDE Public Accounting’s annual “Best of the Best” list.

TR Moore & Company was founded in 1984 and has been serving privately-held, mid-sized businesses in multiple industries since its inception. The firm has four partners and 40 associates, all of whom will become Doeren Mayhew employees. TR Moore & Company will continue to operate as normal out of its Houston-based office to service clients.

The merger will allow for Doeren Mayhew to add energy to its list of serviced industries while TR Moore & Company’s clients will benefit by having access to more resources including international tax, corporate finance, strategic planning, wealth management and payroll processing. Doeren Mayhew will remain headquartered in Troy and will now have 245 employees in two states.

“This merger allows Doeren Mayhew to increase our national reach and continue on a pattern of sustained growth,” said Mark Crawford, managing director of Doeren Mayhew. “We are combining a group of extremely talented and experienced professionals from TR Moore & Company with our own staff of tax, accounting and consulting experts.”
Both firms have adhered to the same core business principals that have provided them national recognition on the “Best of the Best” list by INSIDE Public Accounting, which ranks the top 50 U.S. accounting and consulting firms, Crawford said.

TR Moore & Company was one of just two firms with fewer than 40 professionals to be included on the list in 2009.
“Given our mutual vision of service and growth, along with shared recognition as best-managed firms, I look forward to what we can collectively accomplish for our clients and staff,” said Tim Moore, founder, CEO and managing partner for TR Moore & Company.
“Geographic boundaries continue to become less relevant as forward-thinking CPA firms seek new ways to enhance client service. Over my 25-year career, I have watched Doeren Mayhew organically grow through hard work, focus and steady leadership during a period in what many would argue to be one of the toughest economic environments anywhere in the country,” said Michael Platt, publisher of Platt Consulting Group and editor of INSIDE Public Accounting.

TR Moore & Company is one of the true rising stars of the profession, having debuted on the INSIDE Public Accounting “Best of the Best” list in 2003 as one of the smallest firms ever to have made the prestigious list — which is quite impressive in itself, Platt said.
In recent months Doeren Mayhew also announced the acquisition of Troy, Mich.-based CPA and consulting firm R.W. Frickel, and the establishment of its Financial Advisors wealth management practice. Doeren Mayhew also recently announced that they have come to terms to acquire the 77,000-square-foot Columbia III building at 305 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy. The majority of that space will become the future site of Doeren Mayhew’s corporate headquarters at a yet unannounced date.

Doeren Mayhew is the third-largest Michigan-based CPA and consulting firm, with 2009 revenues of $39 million. TR Moore & Company reported 2009 revenues of $7 million.

About Doeren Mayhew
Doeren Mayhew, known internationally as Moore Stephens Doeren Mayhew, is the ninth-largest firm in southeastern Michigan, with a staff of approximately 200 professionals. Doeren Mayhew is an independent member firm of Moore Stephens North America, one of the world’s major accounting and consulting associations.

Doeren Mayhew is the only Michigan-based certified public accounting and consulting firm to have ever attained INSIDE Public Accounting’s “Best of the Best” rating, signifying our status as one of the nation’s 50 best firms. This is an honor Doeren Mayhew is proud to have received for 14 of the previous 15 years including 12 of those years as one of the top 25 firms in the United States.

Founded in 1932, Doeren Mayhew recently celebrated its 78th anniversary and has grown to become nationally and internationally recognized as trusted business advisors to thousands of individuals and businesses throughout North America and around the world. Doeren Mayhew represents manufacturers, contractors and builders, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, auto dealers, financial institutions, municipalities, school districts, and non-profit organizations, with a full range of accounting, audit, tax, merger and acquisition, financial, and consulting services.

About TR Moore & Company
Celebrating more than 25 years in business, TR Moore & Company is a progressive CPA and consulting firm that goes beyond traditional accounting to help owners of mid-sized businesses reach their profitability and exit objectives. Specializing in the manufacturing, service, wholesale, retail, construction/real estate, energy and technology sectors, the firm provides Insight into a client’s business and industry, Oversight of accounting practices and Foresight for what’s ahead.

TR Moore & Company has consistently been ranked among the top 25 U.S. professional service firms by INSIDE Public Accounting as part of its annual “Best of the Best” list. Since 2003 the firm has appeared on the list six times and was one of just two firms with fewer than 40 professionals to be included on the list in 2009.

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