Cranbrook Art Museum reopens with new design elements

After a two-year, $22 million restoration project, Cranbrook Art Museum will reopen Nov. 11 with a brand-new wing and updated museum technologies.
Designed by architect Eliel Saarinen and built in 1942, this opening celebrates the museum’s first renovation and expansion. The infrastructure still honors the work of its original designer, however, updates to modernize the mechanical systems, lighting and communications will enhance the experience of the museum-goer.

Funded by Cranbrook Educational Community, the project is one of several made possible by a recently completed $181 million Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign. The new addition of the 20,000-square-foot Collection’s Wing will allow the museum’s collection of nearly 6,000 works of art to be brought to life, for a new generation of artists, students and visitors.


The new Collections Wing is located to the northeast of the historic Saarinen museum and houses the new, visible collections spaces, a woodshop, photography studio, loading dock, and a 10’x15′ freight elevator to facilitate the transport of artworks within the building. A seminar/conference space is intended for focused instruction regarding the collection. The SmithGroup was the architect for both the restoration and the new building.

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