Consular Corps of Michigan to occupy office space in Oakland County Executive Office building

Oakland County has agreed to rent office space to the Consular Corps of Michigan in hope of increasing trade and developing relationships with the county’s international partners, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson announced today.

The Consular Corps, which represents dozens of countries including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Turkey, will have an office in the Executive Office Building at 2100 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford.

“Oakland County has 982 international firms from 38 countries around the world,” Patterson said. “Think of it as our own in-house hedge fund. The more the world hears about Oakland County, the more it will bring jobs and dollars to our 910 square miles. Having the Consular Corps inside our building will give us first crack at attracting foreign investment.”

A consul general serves as a representative who speaks on behalf of his or her country. One role is to facilitate trade and friendship between the peoples of two countries. The also provide assistance with bureaucratic issues for citizens who are living or traveling abroad and to those who live in the city in which the consul resides in and to the citizens of the country the consul resides in who wish to travel to or trade with the consul’s country.

Under the agreement, the consular corps is being provided with office furniture and space. The corps is responsible for providing its own electronic equipment including computer and telephone. The agreement is for one year and is automatically renewed unless ended by either side.