Camp commute allows workers to mix business with pleasure

They say don’t mix business and pleasure… but what the heck, right?
If you can, you might as well do it. That’s the idea behind campmuting,
where people commute to work from a camp site… instead of their home.
Mixing a day’s work with a night’s pleasure. Maybe it seems a bit
crazy, but it’s a cheap way to enjoy the summer and not have to take so
much time away.


Campmuting is becoming more popular as people look to save money
and still enjoy summer activities, said Timothy DeWitt, executive
director for the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and

“People have invested in their RVs, they like the lifestyle and they want to do it full-time,” DeWitt said.

The Podinas visit their Milford home to do laundry and pay bills.

They’ve have had some famous neighbors: One year during the Buick Open, golfer John Daly stayed a few campsites down.

“We love the peace and quiet,” said Carolyn Podina, 59. “Some people
spend $1,000 or $2,000 on a week’s trip to the beach or a cruise. But
we come here.”

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