Bloomfield native’s photography captures pop culture history

Bloomfield Township resident Doug Elbinger, has released a revised second edition of his book of photography, Encounters With Remarkable Men: A Retrospective Presentation.
Elbinger, 61, has included 130 photographs of some very iconic figures
within the book, including The Beatles, Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger and
the Dali Lama.

While Elbinger says that his work is primarily
local; photographing families, weddings and events; it is clear that his
45 years of photography have provided him with some extraordinary
The first edition of “Remarkable Men,” which was released in 2007,
featured many of the same photos that are in the new edition as well as
photos of friends from the Lansing area. In the revised second edition, the
Lansing friends have been replaced by more recently taken celebrity

During the month of August, the Bloomfield Township Public Library will display several of Elbinger’s photographs.


being in the right place at the right time. It was half luck and half
skill,” Elbinger said.
Having also photographed Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign stop
in Michigan in April 1968, Elbinger had already built quite the
portfolio and seen his work in Time Magazine before he was 18, in
Newsweek and Sports Illustrated before he was 21.

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