Auburn Hills robot maker creates movie stars

There’s a little bit of Auburn Hills in the new Terminator movie. Auburn Hills-based company ABB Robots provided nearly 20 robots for the new sci-fi post-apocalyptic film “Terminator Salvation.”


The moviemakers “were most struck by the presence of the ABB robots, especially the larger units,” says “Terminator Salvation” set decorator Victor Zolfo. “They had the right lines and they provided the feel that they could actually be making terminators.”

“Our robots tend to be beefier, more heavy-duty,” says Wodoslawsky, pointing to the units, typically painted bright orange, on his massive showroom floor. He says the robots, can cost up to $70,000 apiece, plus programming costs.

The deal with Warner Bros. meant that technicians were also sent with the units to New Mexico, where filming took place. Though the movie’s director, McG (born Joseph McGinty Nichol), is a Kalamazoo native, the robot agreement has nothing to do with Michigan’s tax incentives for movies.

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