After 75 years, West Bloomfield’s Westacres is alive and well

The West Bloomfield subdivision of Westacres could be called unusually
close-knit. Founded with a volunteer requirement for residents, this
neighborhood celebrated its 75th anniversary this August.

was founded as a low-income housing subdivision for autoworkers in
1936, but U.S. Senator James Couzen, who donated $550,000 of his own
money to build the development, mandated that neighbors had to maintain a
garden and donate their talents to preserving the neighborhood.

be proud to see Westacres today — volunteer efforts have created a
6,000 ft. shoreline, credit union, boat well, tennis courts, and a
74-year-old weekly newsletter.


Residents said
Westacres is Oakland County’s oldest planned subdivision, which paved
the way for other subdivisions.

“This is a government project that worked,” said Scott Boone, a
long-time resident. “It’s something that not only West Bloomfield and
the state of Michigan can be proud of, but the entire nation as well.”

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