Actor Tim Allen takes a turn behind the camera for his new movie

Michigan native Tim Allen is behind the camera these days as his newest movie hits theaters.


“I pick apart movies, mine, anybody’s,” he says during a recent visit to his hometown of Birmingham. “I love movies. If I go to movies with people, they generally don’t go with me again. ‘Tim, you talked all the way through that.’ ‘But did you see that? That can’t happen. That doesn’t work. There was a different car that came in.’ I’m a continuity freak.”

Now it’s time for the 56-year-old star to let audiences critique his skills behind the camera.

“Crazy on the Outside,” which opens Friday, is his debut as a film director. He also stars in the comedy with a cast of talented actors — Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta, Jeanne Tripplehorn, J.K. Simmons, Julie Bowen and Kelsey Grammer.

It’s a new chapter for the funnyman, who’s worked with a lot of directors and knows what he likes and doesn’t like in cinematic humor.

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