10 best cities to live, work, make movies in 2010

Metro Detroit ranks eighth in moviemakers top ten best cities to live, work, and make movies for 2010.


Some say that money is the root of all evil, while others hold that
evil follows money’s absence. Likewise for today’s independent
moviemakers, while some contend that bigger budgets open up more
creative options, others maintain that limited budgets have a better
chance of generating true innovation.

The latter seems to be proving true in American cities big and small,
as increasing numbers of would-be auteurs make the leap from moviegoer
to moviemaker. They’re being aided by the low cost of digital
technologies, which make the medium ever more democratic at the same
time that costs creep lower. The barriers that existed for independent
moviemakers just a few years ago have all but disappeared, not only in
terms of accessibility to reasonably priced production and
post-production equipment, but with distribution opportunities, too.
Best of all, freshly minted moviemakers don’t even need to leave home
to make cinema happen.

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