Rankin donates refurbished Tissue Processor to Beaumont Health System’s Schools of Histotechnology

Rankin Biomedical Corporation

will be donating a Rankin refurbished tissue processor to Beaumont Health System’s Schools of Histechnology. The refurbishing has been completed and the processor will be delivered to the school at the end of this week.

“Rankin Biomedical is passionate about supporting the cancer diagnostic community and especially an educational organization like Beaumont’s Schools of Histotechnology. When we learned about the need for a tissue processor that the students can utilize for hands-on experience, we thought that it would be a great opportunity for us to show our support by supplying the school with a critical piece of lab equipment. We hope that it will further the great program that they already have in places,” says Brent Rankin, V.P., Business Development.

“We are very grateful for the donation of this equipment,“ says Sarah Bajer, BS, HTL, program director, Beaumont Schools of Histotechnology. “This will allow our students to get valuable, practical experience in tissue processing, helping them to learn skills that are critical to success in their career.”
Based in Holly, Michigan, Rankin Biomedical Corporation is a worldwide supplier of high quality refurbished pathology equipment, MOH’s lab equipment and histology equipment. Rankin provides equipment to medical and research facilities around the world. Every piece of equipment is individually and specifically refurbished, thoroughly tested, and warranted to be in excellent cosmetic and working condition. 

Beaumont’s Schools of Histotechnology were established in 1977 and to date have graduated more than 130 students.  The schools offer students an opportunity to combine a science degree with practical experience in histology, electron microscopy, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistopathology and molecular pathology. Students frequently participate in unique and advanced learning situations including problem solving, case studies and special projects.