Local Rankin Biomedical offers low cost solution for nation’s physicians, researchers on lab needs

In today’s tough economic times, doctors and researchers are looking for low-cost alternatives to equipping their offices and labs. Michigan-based Rankin Biomedical Corporation has been selling refurbished lab equipment for over 15 years to research labs, hospitals, universities, and physician offices around the country. His commitment to quality and the training he provides is what has kept his business strong. 

Rob Rankin, President of Rankin Biomedical Research confirms, “We know that for a lot of physicians to make money, they need to do more of the labs in their own office.” Rankin continues, “It’s a source of new revenue for a lot of physicians and we can set them up with just a fraction of the cost it would normally take if they bought new equipment.”

Rankin Biomedical Corporation offers free consultation to prospective clients and with every purchase comes a warranty on the equipment and a service contract. Rankin also offers training on the newly-refurbished equipment to his clients.

Rankin is also looking for unused and surplus equipment at his client’s sites. He wants to buy it. He considers his company a “natural recycler.” He buys what his customers no longer need or have excess of (thus providing them income) and he refurbishes that same equipment for another client that needs it. “It’s a natural process” Rankin continued.

About Rankin Biomedical:
Rankin Biomedical serves the scientific industry by refurbishing laboratory equipment and recycling it back into the market. Our customer base is comprised of hospitals, universities, clinical and physician office laboratories, and veterinary hospitals. To view a sample of the products we sell visit: www.rankinbiomed.com