CircleBuilder leverages Catholic clients for new growth

CircleBuilder has recently landed some large accounts from the Catholic Church, allowing the Franklin-based start-up to leverage the new business for more growth.

CircleBuilder offers Yahoo Groups-like services to churches and faith-based organizations. Many of these organizations lack any type of comprehensive online presence. Its technology allows a church’s members to interact, share ideas, and even raise money in the 21st century.

It launched an online presence for WorldPriest, a Catholic organization, last month and is getting ready to launch later this summer, along with other projects. “We are getting ready to launch more Catholic organizations,” says Howard Brown, CEO of CircleBuilder.

The five-year-old firm got its start providing similar services to people of the Jewish faith. It moved onto religious organizations of the Christian faith shortly after that and locked down $2 million in venture capital investment in 2010. The company has now expanded to taking on some non-religious work, providing online communities for other secular organizations. It also recently switched development teams, bringing on three new developers.

“It took a little while but it’s really starting to take off,” Brown says.

Source: Howard Brown, CEO of CircleBuilder
Writer: Jon Zemke

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