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Research and development activities in Oakland County cover a wide spectrum of today’s leading technologies, including advanced electronics and controls, aerospace, alternative energy, communications, life sciences and transportation. More than one third of Michigan’s R & D facilities are located in Oakland County. That includes almost half of the state’s automotive research and development operations.


ABB Robotics

The Place to Be

India-based automaker Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. considered markets ranging from Seoul, South Korea, to Stuttgart, Germany, to San Francisco to establish a new automotive headquarters overseas. But Mahindra Automotive...

Reality Check: VR Technology Revolutionizing Wide Range of Industries

Bluewater Technologies specializes in “experiential marketing.” That’s a high-tech approach to engaging consumers utilizing a variety of methods including virtual reality (VR) technology. “We’re fluent with capturing and distributing content to...

SeatSational Changes the Game for Advertising in Stadiums, Arenas

Gina Hoensheid was at an event at the Palace of Auburn Hills when she had her "Ah-ha!" moment. She remembers looking around during intermission, just doing some people-watching. Hoensheid has...

P3 event delivers mobility predictions and realism

Mobility innovation is moving at a rapid pace, with experts predicting autonomous vehicles (AVs) joining our roads sometime between tomorrow and 2040. Realistically, the deployment of full self-driving vehicles...

How connected and autonomous vehicles will change your life for the better

Although self-driving cars may still seem a bit science-fiction, autonomous technology has already been present in our automobiles for decades. The first semi-autonomous technology – cruise control – debuted...

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Featured Video: J&B Medical and Health Net Connect

J & B Medical was established in 1994 and since has become one of the fastest growing and most successful medical distribution companies in the world. J & B...

Featured Video: Welcome to the New

The new, designed for you from the ground up to be used wherever you are. Content is presented in 3 simple choices: Our most Popular Links, County Departments...

Featured Video: Valeo North America

Oakland County's International Business video series continues with Françoise Colpron, the President of Valeo North America, an automotive parts manufacturing company which is headquartered in Troy with additional offices...

Featured Video: The Robot Garage

At The Robot Garage, LEGO toys and robotics adventures are more than just childhood pastimes. Located in a converted warehouse in Birmingham's Rail District, this imagination laboratory hosts building...

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