Emerging Sectors

Oakland County’s Emerging Sectors® business development and attraction strategy recognizes the importance of advanced technologies to ensure the continued growth and development of business. Emerging Sectors includes high-tech fields as:

  • Advanced Electronics
  • Advanced Materials
  • Aerospace
  • Alternative Energy
  • Communications & IT
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Film & Digital Media
  • Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
  • Medical Main Street
  • Robotics

The strategy envisioned by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson in 2004 emphasizes the creation and retention of jobs while expanding and diversifying the employer base, as well as attracting international companies to the North American marketplace.

Hundreds of companies have expanded or relocated to Oakland County as part of the Emerging Sectors initiative. These companies have generated investment of nearly $2 billion, created or retained more than 34,000 jobs, and added millions of dollars in tax revenue for the county since the program began.


Bringing Everyone to the Operating Table

The first thing Dr. Heather Heine discovered when she moved her medical startup Olive Biosciences Inc. to Oakland County was that the area’s support systems and economy were so...

AUCH Construction celebrates 110 years with a beautiful new building in downtown Pontiac

The George W. AUCH Company just celebrated its 110th year of being in business in southeast Michigan with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at their brand-new building in downtown Pontiac. The firm...

Why is Pontiac the best home for a tech business?

High Growth Happy Hour: Pontiac’s Tech Economy will take place on June 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Paissa Building in downtown Pontiac. Here, participants will get...

How connected and autonomous vehicles will change your life for the better

Although self-driving cars may still seem a bit science-fiction, autonomous technology has already been present in our automobiles for decades. The first semi-autonomous technology – cruise control – debuted...

RoboZone TV shows how robotics combines the best of varsity sports and STEM education

The multi-time Emmy Award-winning State Champs! Sports Network has produced professional, high-quality high school sports programming for Southeast Michigan for 15 years now, but high school sports isn't their...

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There is no question that craft beer is experiencing explosive growth all over the country. With some of America's largest, top-ranked craft beer producers right here in Michigan, our...

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J & B Medical was established in 1994 and since has become one of the fastest growing and most successful medical distribution companies in the world. J & B...

Featured Video: What Goes Into 2 Billion Dollars – Emerging Sectors

More than 200 businesses were honored and thanked on June 18 by Oakland County L. Brooks Patterson in recognition of their combined investment in the county's Emerging Sectors® business...

Featured Video: Valeo North America

Oakland County's International Business video series continues with Françoise Colpron, the President of Valeo North America, an automotive parts manufacturing company which is headquartered in Troy with additional offices...

Featured Video: Business Roundtable Annual Meeting 2008

The Oakland County Business Roundtable was created in 1993 by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, to advise him on matters of importance to the business community. The Roundtable's four...

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