Your People PR firm adds staff, plans to move to Ferndale

There is a reason Lynne Schreiber’s public relations firm is called Your People. The Southfield-based company specializes in helping businesses maximize their PR and marketing through their existing people and relationships.

“I basically help companies get organized and focused,” says Schreiber, chief creative officer and founder of Your People. “I help them tell the stories that are already there. These stories are always lurking around in a company. We help them find and package them.”

Schreiber was a journalist for 15 years in Washington, D.C., New York, and most recently for The Detroit News. She started Your People in 2007 and now gives regular work to five independent contractors. She expects to make her first hire this fall and move to office space in downtown Ferndale later this year.

“I have always been fond of urban settings,” Schreiber says. “I lived in Ferndale when I moved back to Metro Detroit.”

The company has an eclectic client list, including businesses like the Orchard Mall and AVE Office Supplies. It also recently signed five new clients, including Panache Entertainment and

Source: Lynne Schreiber, co-founder and chief creative officer for Your People
Writer: Jon Zemke