Tween sitcom to be filmed entirely in Michigan

A tween, if you don’t know, is that time in one’s life when you’re not exactly a teen and you’re not exactly a pre-teen. You know, it’s between. It’s tween. With that said, a show about ’em will be entirely done here in Michigan and produced by Ferndale’s own S3 Entertainment Group.


Titled “The Wannabes,” it’s described as a tween sitcom filled with
singing and dancing. It’s set to star members of a real-life teen group
called Savvy.

S3EG is partnering on the project with
Stern-LeMaire Productions, a Texas-based company that manages Savvy,
whose members also are from Texas, according to online biographies of
the group’s members.

Shooting is supposed to start in June. Jeff Spilman of S3EG said today that he expects to have a virtually 100% Michigan crew.

show has been sold to various networks internationally, according to an
S3EG spokeswoman. Spilman said he anticipates it winding up on a U.S.
network aimed at the tween — or preteen — market.

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