Topolewski brings Mobius advertising award and jobs back to Ferndale

Topolewski just brought back some respectable hardware to Ferndale and hopes to top it off with a few jobs in the near future.

The advertising firm, based in downtown Ferndale, just won a Mobius Award
for its work with USA Credit Union in Auburn Hills. The Mobius Awards
is the oldest, independent, international advertising awards
competition, dating back to 1971. An international jury judges the
effectiveness and creativity of the applicants, so it’s no small feat
bringing one of these puppies home.

Topolewski is also bringing
home enough bacon to expand. The almost 2-year-old firm went from five
people at its start to seven today with the occasional intern. It
started out handling $6 million worth of advertising. Today that number
is up to $70 million.

“We’ve been reaching out to a variety of
clients,” says John Van Osdol, partner with Topolewski. “We feel we
offer a high value of high-concept creativity without all of the
bureaucracy of the big agencies.”

Van Osdol also counts
Topolewski’s small size as an advantage in a tough economy. That works
well for the customers that are looking for efficiencies so they can
make every dollar count, a sentiment that pervades today’s business

However the company doesn’t plan to remain so modest
for much longer. Van Osdol expects his firm to hire another 5-10 people
this year as it takes on more work. Those people will be working out of
their offices in downtown Ferndale, a place the Topolewski people think
is more than just special.

“We look at Ferndale as sort of
Detroit’s answer to Venice Beach,” Van Osdol says. “There is an
atmosphere and energy here you can’t find anywhere else.”

Source: John Van Osdol, partner with Topolewski
Writer: Jon Zemke