Students create buzz with award-winning electric car

Students from Ferndale’s University High School are getting recognition for all the hard work they put into a project focused around designing an electric car.


And when that same cool car that you helped build wins four state awards from the 2008 Convergence Conference at Cobo Hall, all the better. About 20 University High School students have worked after school and during summer vacation to design and build their own electric car, complete with a regenerative motor that captures energy from the braking engine and returns a portion of it back to the motor.

The car won first-place awards for ambassadorship, performance of the vehicle, presentation of the vehicle and the prestigious Founders Award, given to a car that best represents the spirit of the Convergence Conference founders.

“We were confident, we thought we did a good job,” said Jason Beatty, a UHS teacher and the group’s adviser. “We were happy, happy with the results we got.”

The Convergence Conference is a biennial event that offers technology innovations and solutions for automakers and engineers around the world. The conference sponsors an Innovative Vehicle Design competition to steer students toward careers in engineering and technology.

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