Search Optics hires 30-plus workers in Ferndale

When Search Optics went looking for a place to set up shop in the eastern half of the U.S. to take advantage of the automotive Internet marketing space, no place made as much sense as Metro Detroit.

“The people in Detroit are intrinsically tuned to what’s going on in the automotive industry,” says Christian Fuller, executive vice president of Search Optics. “Everybody bleeds a little oil here.”

The San Diego-based company now has more workers in its growing downtown Ferndale office than its west coast home and Toronto satellite office. Search Optics opened its office in downtown Ferndale two years ago and it now has 55 employees and a couple of interns there.

It has hired more than 30 people over the last year, prompting it to expand its space. It currently operates out of the first floor of a loft-style office and is building out the second floor of the building to accommodate its growing staff. Fuller expects the Detroit office to grow to 100 people within the next year.

“In the last year we have almost doubled our business,” Fuller says. “We have been absolutely elated with the quality of people who have filled positions here in Detroit.”

Source: Christian Fuller, executive vice president of Search Optics
Writer: Jon Zemke

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