Nine Mile bridge is longer

The Nine Mile bridge across I-75 has put a dent in businesses in the area but once it is rebuilt it’ll be bigger and better for everybody.


After slapping on a hard hat and donning a reflective vest, I recently took an MDOT tour of the project to replace the Nine Mile Bridge over Interstate 75 in Hazel Park.

As you remember, the bridge was destroyed when a gasoline tanker crashed and exploded beneath the span in July.

MDOT had originally planned to replace the bridge with a duplicate span, but then decided to construct a larger bridge in anticipation of the future widening of the freeway.

Crews from Toebe Construction, based in Wixom, have been working 24/7 on the project.
MDOT is trying to have the bridge reopened by Christmas, which would be welcome news for Karim Yousif, owner of J&E Auto Service, a heartbeat or two west of the bridge.

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