New Shine On Yoga does downward dog in downtown Ferndale

After years of teaching yoga in studios around metro Detroit and seeing what inspired and motivated people, Linda Marchione has brought her experiences together in her own studio, Shine On Yoga in downtown Ferndale.

What she wants most out of Shine On is to offer comfort and community – on top of physical strength and peace of mind.

“I’ve designed it to be inviting so that everyone who comes in knows they’re welcome to stay. I want it to feel like my home, like my living room,” she says. “It’s not designed to make people feel like you come in, take your class and leave, with nowhere to sit or spend time, talking to people, getting to know people,” she says. “We’re not a factory. We’re not a huge money making machine. We’re a small local business and and I want everyone to know who walks through the door that we’d like them to stay and have tea.”

Shine On opened June 3 at 22751 Woodward Avenue, the southwest corner with 9 Mile, in the heart of downtown Ferndale. A grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting is set for 4:30 p.m. July 19, and there will be live music, refreshments and demonstrations.

Marchione’s Shine On Studio has also been selected by yoga and running wear maker, Lululemon, to be it’s local studio of the month in July and September. Shine On will lead free Sunday morning yoga sessions each Sunday of the month an hour before the stores open. Shine On will lead yoga at the Somerset in July and in downtown Birmingham in September.

Shine On will also regularly coordinate volunteer days at Gleaner’s Community Food Bank, where Marchione is a volunteer coordinator.

“Our teachers do an awful lot of community work. We focus on practicing kindness not just toward ourselves but others” she says, “The body is meant to serve. Yogis teach you to get strong yourself and then give it away.”

Writer: Kim North Shine
Source: Linda Marchione, owner, Shine On Yoga