New Ferndale ordinance to require for more LEED projects

Ferndale already has a reputation as a
city of tree huggers, but now city officials want the inner ring
suburb’s buildings to embrace the environment around them, too.

City Council recently debated a new ordinance that recommends all of
the structures owned or funded by Ferndale be sustainable. It plans to
do that by suggesting that silver certification of LEED standards be incorporated into the city’s building stock.

officials believe this policy will help encourage new construction or
redevelopment projects to include sustainable design and building
practices in buildings that are environmentally responsible, energy
efficient and healthy places to work.

City officials quoted
statistics that say that buildings consume approximately 70 percent of
the electricity produced in the U.S. while creating 30 percent of the
country’s greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The hope is
that such policies will help curb building-energy consumption and

Source: City of Ferndale
Writer: Jon Zemke