Motorcycle magazine for women revs up

A local gal put her entrepreneurship into gear in a motorcycle mag for
women. It’s not the typical hot rods and hogs style magazine you’d see
on a news stands where the lady is scantily clad, but an actual
magazine about motorcycles for women. And they’re wearing more than


When she was a student at Ferndale High School, Doni Langdon felt like
an out-of-place tomboy who was too busy with welding class to worry
about make-up or shopping.

But now, the 27-year-old entrepreneur
has turned her love of cars and motorcycles into a nationally
distributed women’s magazine aptly called Throttle Gals.

traditional motorcycle and hot rod magazines, Throttle Gals features
women as fully-dressed, competent mechanics showing off the tough and
sporty machines they have built and repaired for themselves. “These are
real women,” she said. “Everyone you see is with her vehicle — not a
model and not someone in her husband’s or her boyfriend’s ride. It’s
her pride and joy.”

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