John F. Kennedy School Lauded for Environmentalism

Ferndale’s John F. Kennedy Elementary celebrated their fourth straight
year of recognition as a Michigan Green School, sharing that honor with
193 other schools in the Mitten State. Now the school has ratcheted to
the top in terms of green education. Educators from the school were
stunned to find out the school has been named one of the top 10
green-friendly bastions of learning in the nation at this year’s Oakland
County Green Schools ceremony.

Kennedy students recycle bottle tops, host recycled garage sales and
sell re-used water bottles, among other initiatives. And they have big
plans for keeping their school environmentally aware next year.


Some of the ideas brought up at the ceremony were rain gardens, shoe
drives, sports equipment recycle and swap and having green kid awards
based on how energy efficient individual students are.

“It was
nice to hear ideas from other schools,” McNeil said. “We might look into
some of them when we start planning for next year.”

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