Irish store retails ‘magic’ by knowing customers

It’s not luck that keeps this Irish gift shop churning, it’s good ol’ fashion service.


“We go to Twisted Shamrock to pick up trinkets. We have a lot of Irish friends and family. I’ve bought high-end jewelry for special occasions, Brady crest pins for all my relatives,” said Colleen Brady-Batcheller, of Lathrup Village. Her younger nephews insist on Pogues and Flogging Molly CDs for their birthdays.

Monahan maintains almost daily contact with merchandising reps to assure a steady flow of products, and works every deal to avoid expensive duty charges. Regina Sloan Kubiak, the Cleveland-based representative of Solvar Ltd., out of Dublin, said small stores such as Twisted Shamrock offer an intangible something to customers — even those on a tight budget.

“People crave something meaningful for their dollars. When they visit a small specialty store, they get customer service, someone that will take the time to help them select the perfect gift,” Kubiak said. “Twisted Shamrock has some of the best assortment of product in the business.”

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