Hanging out in Ferndale is fashionably hip

Ferndale has been a hotspot for Southeast Michigan for a while,
everyone knows that. But, did you know that it’s becoming even hotter?
Not temperature wise, but in terms of nightlife and dining options and
chic boutiques. And how could you go wrong with alliterations like
this: Friendly Ferndale, Fabulous Ferndale, Fashionable Ferndale.


The city has gone from a cool place to buy records and get some
pizza with friends, to a diverse epicenter of all things hip and chic.
You can dance. You can dine. And you can absolutely be yourself.

a city that others should model their own after,” says 23-year-old Eric
Allen, a new Ferndale resident. “Everyone is so accepting. The streets
are clean and safe, and things just seem to be generally more upbeat
and happy when I see people out and about downtown.”

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