Growing dog daycare business moving, expanding in Ferndale

Two years after opening in Ferndale, Canine to Five dog daycare and boarding is moving and expanding May 18 to a bigger space just down the road.

The new building at 1221 East 9 Mile Road in Ferndale will open May 18 and effectively triple the size of the business, allowing for more customized care for all kinds of dogs at every stage — from puppies to seniors.
“We are so thrilled to be offering our customers in Ferndale and the surrounding areas a broader range of services. This move lets us offer our clients unique options to better care for dogs of every size and all ages,” says Liz Blondy, owner of Canine to Five in Ferndale and the founder of the original Midtown Detroit location.
The new facility will feature the “Goldy Jones Memorial Seniors Lounge,” specializing in exclusive care for senior dogs and dogs with special needs.
“Providing a safe, happy space for all dogs is our primary goal. Older dogs need special attention, and now our handlers can go out of their way to give these dogs one-on-one care,” Blondy says.
Canine to Five pups will now have four indoor playrooms, plus a larger outdoor play yard, giving the dogs more room to romp, play, and even swim and sunbathe when the weather is nice.
“This additional space and grouping capability will allow us to create the best possible experience for every dog, tailored to their unique needs,” Blondy says.
The new facilities include more space for free-play and an expanded outdoor play area complete with play equipment and pools.
The locally owned and operated dog daycare and boarding facility offers unique, pack-style all-day play for dog daycare guests. Dog care is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Highly trained handlers emphasize pack and individual dog behavior.
Because some pups don’t thrive in a pack environment, the new facility also has space for Private Play Lodging. This space is for dogs that either don’t meet our pack-style requirements, or are better suited for one-on-one handling.
“It’s an alternative to standard dog kenneling that lets us better serve dogs with unique needs,” Blondy says.