Granholm lauds music marathon in Ferndale for U.S. autos

A.J.’s Cafe in Ferndale is looking to break the world record for a
nonstop concert while simultaneously getting support for the ailing
U.S. auto industry. Governor Jennifer Granholm showed up to pledge her
support to owner A.J. O’Neil and the auto industry.


has really done a public service, bringing attention to this industry
and its importance to all of us,” Granholm said. The cafe’s Assembly
Line Concert has played nonstop since 5 p.m. Friday.

O’Neil aims
to break a Guinness record of 216 hours for a nonstop concert while
getting listeners — in person and online at —
to sign pledges promising their next car will be one built by the
Detroit’s Three. Guinness World Records publishes an annual list of
record-breaking achievements.