Giving back: Restaurateur Dean Bach

Ferndale restauranteur Dean Bach of Dino’s gives back to the community.


BACKGROUND: Bach came to Ferndale in 2002 with the idea that Dino’s would not compete with other restaurants in the area, but add to the attraction of an up-and-coming city — and vowing to use Dino’s as a vehicle to help support local fund-raising. He immediately made an impact, winning his first of seven straight “Blue Pig Awards” for raising the most money during the Ferndale Blues Fest (an event that supports local charities). His staff, friends and family have been especially supportive in his creative and sometimes-off-the-cuff fund-raising events. Most recently, Bach cofounded and directed the Ferndale Film Festival, an event that will benefit Ferndale Youth Assistance, Michigan AIDS Coalition and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

RESULTS: Bach has raised nearly $45,000 for MAPP/MAC and $20,000 for Ferndale Youth Assistance. Other benefactors of his work include: the American Red Cross, Salvation Army Locks of Love, American Breast Cancer Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Michigan, Michigan Humane Society, Gleaners Community Food Bank, the McCarty Foundation and Alzheimer’s Awareness. Bach also recently helped form the Detroit Film Club, an organization to help build the film infrastructure in Michigan through social networking and charitable fund-raising.

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