Garden Fresh Salsa expands in Ferndale

Garden Fresh Gourmet is a true Oakland County success story. When Ferndale resident Jack Aronson began the start-up 14 years ago, there was no way to forecast the salsa company’s astounding growth. With 400 full-time employees, Garden Fresh is now Ferndale’s largest employer, with annual sales in excess of $100 million.

Aronson is seeking a 12-year partial tax abatement, which he says would help expand operations and build a new headquarters on Nine Mile Rd. The project has an estimated investment of $14 million and is expected to create 75 to 100 new jobs.


Mayor Dave Coulter said the city has granted similar abatements in the past for about a half-dozen companies in the city. “In an age where businesses are struggling, Jack’s company is busting at the seams,” Coulter said. Aronson has resisted multiple offers to move his company out of Ferndale, as well as a buyout offer several years ago from a major food and beverage corporation.

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