Free medical clinic to open Sept. 1 in Ferndale

The sign’s up on the door, which means the FernCare medical clinic is
one step closer to opening — with a goal of providing free physical and
mental health services to uninsured Ferndale residents age 19 to 64.

After more than three years of planning, the clinic is expected to open
by Sept 1 in a 2,100 sq. ft facility at the corner of Nine Mile Road and
Paxton. Board members estimate renovations totaled over $200,000. The
physical updates mean FernCare will offer residents six exam rooms, a
pharmacy and a laboratory — not to mention the wall in the waiting
room, listing the names of every person and organization who donated to
help this clinic open its doors.


In December 2009, the U.S. Congress awarded FernCare
a $148,000 grant to go toward the purchase of medical equipment and
other durable goods. That contribution provided a major funding boost to
the organization, but it could not be used toward the leasing or
remodeling of the building.

FernCare Board member Dick Willcock, who is supervising the construction
work at 459 E. Nine Mile Road, said that volunteers have already put
several hundred hours of time into the facility. He estimated that he
has devoted more than 100 hours to the task.

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