Ferndale’s Myine Electronics grows to 10 employees, more hires planned

Lots of people warned Jake Sigal that his idea for a business wouldn’t live up to his expectations. Some said it wouldn’t even fly. That was about two years ago. They don’t say such things anymore.

Today Myine Electronics has grown from just Sigal to 10 employees and a combination of seven interns and independent contractors. The Ferndale-based firm expects to keep hiring, too. It could count up to 30 people on its payroll next year.

Myine Electronics makes audio electronics for people who are either too busy or too ignorant about the latest technology to do it themselves.

“Too many people were confused by electronics,” Sigal says. “I thought there had to be an easier way for people like my parents to find out what’s going on with technology.”

It makes sense in retrospect. How many middle-aged people know there are electronics that allow users to record radio stations and automatically edit out commercials and DJ banter? Or how about technology that lets them play Internet radio through their home stereo system?

Myine Electronics can make that happen, and more. Sigal plans to continue to grow the product variety to the point that it can start to compete with local big-box retailers. It’s a goal that might seem impossible for a small business like Myine Electronics, but that isn’t something Sigal hasn’t heard before.

Source: Jake Sigal, founder and principal of Myine Electronics
Writer: Jon Zemke