Ferndale’s Eloquest Healthcare adds 4, looking to add 4 more

A year ago Eloquest Healthcare didn’t exist. Today the Ferndale-based firm employs 16 people.

Healthcare is a spin-off of the Ferndale Pharma Group, and it’s still
got a lot of centrifugal force going for it. The company recently hired
four people and expects to hire another four in the next few months.

Ferndale Pharma Group spun off Eloquest Healthcare for legal liability
reasons and to help the company focus on its core business
without sacrificing revenue.

Eloquest Healthcare is a
dermatology specialty company with an emphasis on minimizing dermal
pain, preserving and/or repairing the integrity of the skin, and
ensuring the integrity of devices adhered to the skin. It focuses
specifically on selling its products to hospitals, their healthcare
practitioners, and patients.

“We will continue to leverage and broaden our product line,” says Tim O’Halla, vice president and COO of Eloquest Healthcare.

Source: Tim O’Halla, vice president and COO of Eloquest Healthcare
Writer: Jon Zemke