Ferndale promoting public art and indie artists on city streets

Downtown Ferndale is known as for a happening restaurant and bar scene, for some quirky, edgy shops… and more and more as a place for artists.

The Ferndale Downtown Development Authority wants to capitalize on that artistic spirit with a project called Artwn that will put 10 sculptures, the work of local and national artists, on display throughout downtown. ARTWN will also highlight local art already in existence throughout downtown and promote the downtown through several events, including a fundraising Progressive Party June 28 at the Rust Belt Market, a massive workplace and sell space for independent artists.

“The creative culture not only thrives in Downtown Ferndale, in many ways, it is what distinguishes us. ARTWN is a way to share that fact with the world by inviting everyone to visit the district and see art in action,” says Cristina Sheppard-Decius, executive director of the Ferndale DDA. “We are very excited to showcase our existing art assets and to add to them with some very significant work.”

Throughout the summer Third Thursday, a late night shopping program, will focus on the visual arts with special events.

There’s Bicycle Night on May 17, when the DDA’s first on-street bike parking rack, created by local sculptor Richard Gage will go unveiled.

On June 21, Pimp Your Pot has lcoal merchants getting creative with their outdoor planters.

On July 17, Hangin’ in Ferndale will focus on art that’s already hanging in Ferndale businesses.

And an Aug. 16 event, The Art of the Automobile, will be tied to the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Local businesses and organizations are sponsoring projects.

Source: Cristina Sheppard-Decius, executive director, Ferndale Downtown Development Authority
Writer: Kim North Shine