Ferndale makes plans to build new court house, renovate police station

Law enforcement in Ferndale is in line to get some fancy new digs.

officials are making plans to build a new downtown home for a district
court next to its police department, which is also slated for
renovation. The timeline for this project calls for planning to be done
this year and construction sometime next year.

“The project is in its early stages right now,” says Robert Brunner, city manager of Ferndale.

district court shares space with other city services. Both homes for
the court and police department are cramped and outdated.

city has put out a request for proposals to find an owners’
representative, and plans to hire an architect and builder later this
year. Designs, expected square footage, and costs will be determined
later this year when the project is fleshed out.

Source: Robert Brunner, city manager of Ferndale
Writer: Jon Zemke