Ferndale is turning green with new program

Going green is all the rage these days. With global warming, a push for energy independence, and trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint, going green should be the rage… for the rest of your days.

So, Ferndale is looking to take charge through the “Adopt-a-Watt” program that would provide sponsorship for solar energy lighting and other energy-efficient systems for the city.


“This council is always looking at ways to be greener,” said Mayor Craig Covey, after Royal Oak resident Tom Wither presented his Adopt-a-Watt initiative to council members at the regular meeting.

The council agreed to consider a resolution at a future meeting supporting the program, which would provide private sponsorship of solar-lighting devices that would be used by municipalities and other public entities. In exchange, a sponsor gets naming rights and/or public acknowledgment.

The point is to encourage private sponsorship through public cooperation, said Wither. “We’re going to take a business-based approach to this.”

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