Ferndale businesses ‘Pimp’ their flower pots

While MTV was busy pimping out rides, Ferndale businesses were busy
pimping out their pots. Yeah, pimped out pots. What the heck does that
mean, you ask? Well, a new Ferndale DDA program is asking local
businesses to snazz up a flower pot to not only bring more green to
downtown but to pimp it out a bit. And by pimp, we mean snazz.

Don’t take it literally.


With its new “Pimp Your Pot” program, the Downtown Development
Authority’s design committee is encouraging all downtown merchants to
put their personality on the sidewalk by creating a “pimped-out”
flowerpot for their storefront and helping the blossoms flourish all
summer long.

The ultimate goal, said DDA Executive
Director Cristina Sheppard-Decius, is to bring more greenery to
downtown Ferndale. But it is also an opportunity for business owners to
express themselves creatively.

“We’re looking to
bring some artistic elements to the downtown,” she said. “This will
hopefully add some flavor of what the city is all about. On display in
front of our businesses, there will be living, growing plants that add
to the vegetation of the downtown and give people a sort of buffer zone
before they step into traffic.”

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