Cantina Diablos Tex-Mex restaurant grand opening celebration primed for Wednesday, May 5

The Tex-Mex flavored Cantina Diablos will celebrate its grand opening on Wed., May 5, 2010, appropriately on “Cinco de Mayo.” The 6,000 square foot Ferndale-based cantina will meld a south of the border dining experience with the latest technology to provide an experience designed to exceed all expectations. The more than $2 million investment in Cantina Diablos also will generate 75-100 new jobs.

Equally significant to the opening of Cantina Diablos is owner Brian Kramer, who is also owner of Rosie O’Grady’s, fulfilling his promise to the Ferndale community. Kramer promised when he relocated and massively upgraded Rosie O’Grady’s in 2009, only a block away at the corner of Allen and Nine Mile Road, he would develop the former Rosie’s site into a new gathering spot. The move of O’Grady’s and its $3.5 million of development was the first piece of the puzzle, according to Kramer. Now, having completed the more than $2 million additional investment to engineer a completely new experience at the original Troy Street location with Cantina Diablos, Kramer has delivered another must-see destination for Ferndale and the surrounding communities.

“Ferndale is where it all began for me,” said Kramer. “This community has honored me with its support for years and I knew I had to deliver something spectacular. The enhanced Rosie O’Grady’s has been a tremendous success and generated new visitors to our community. With Cantina Diablos, I’ve created a completely different offering – hopefully bringing in yet another group of visitors to our community while providing residents with another dining experience.” Kramer says the key to Cantina Diablos is two-fold: Provide customers with a fine Tex-Mex cuisine that is fresh, flavorful and authentic; and, compliment that food with an ice-cold, handcrafted beverage. Diablos will utilize authentic mesquite grills, vertical rotisseries and a tortilla machine. It will also make fresh sauces and salsas made-to-order and available in markets.

Along with the great Tex-Mex dishes, Diablos attention to detail with food transcends to the beer served; and, its margarita program is unique, innovative, and second to none. The draft beer system, first of its kind in Michigan and in the tradition of the Texas and Mexican ice-beer troughs, delivers beer to the glass at 32 degrees (the temperature of ice). Furthermore, Diablos offers fresh and frozen margaritas made with fresh squeezed citrus and real fruit purees.

In addition to the authenticity of its cuisine, Cantina Diablos offers up a unique bar and bar table ice rails throughout the restaurant to maintain that beer and margaritas remain ice-cold to the last sip. Fifty high-definition flat screen televisions are also strategically placed throughout the cantina to compliment the state-of-the-art restaurant.

“Cantina Diablos is going to be an amazing addition to our community and will complement the diverse restaurant offering already in the area with a Tex-Mex flavor,” said Craig Covey, Mayor of Ferndale. “Brian’s passion, as well as his huge investment totaling more than $5 million in Ferndale are tremendous and truly epitomize his dedication for this community. Diablos will be one of my new favorite hot-spots!”

But, Kramer indicates he may not be finished yet with investing in the community and neighboring areas. He indicates it is a bit “premature” for a formal announcement, but he is looking seriously into a well-known spot in downtown Royal Oak.

Kramer expressed interest in the Royal Oak area for Cantina Diablos to capitalize on the “party- oriented” demographic. He indicated Diablos of Ferndale has the technology and authenticity “second-to-none, but it will be community oriented. A location in Royal Oak with more room could, according to Kramer, provide a more youthful setting combined with the main points of Cantina Diablos in Ferndale.

“No matter what we do in our business development, it’s clear to me that for more than 3,000 years, the people of the world – no matter the region or the era – have agreed on one thing: Appreciation of the art that is well-prepared food,” Kramer said. “Our goal is not just to be ‘fed’ or simply satisfied, but to be awed by the results and by the atmosphere surrounding the occasion. At Cantina Diablos, and Rosie O’Grady’s, we are carrying on that tradition while not being simply satisfied.”

“We strive to not just be the best in our category, but to exceed in such a way that we create a new one,” Kramer added.

About Cantina Diablos:
Ferndale represents the starting point for the devishly good Tex-Mex cuisine in the area and will serve as a premiere family-friendly and social venue for all Southeast Michigan residents. From Diablos ingredients to its chefs and cooking methods, the restaurant has replicated the authentic flavor and atmosphere of the hybrid cuisine that has its roots in the many border towns located in the Texas-Mexico borders. Cantina Diablos takes advantage of the abundance of Texas beef, Rio Grande Valley produce, fresh plethora of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, and the century old traditions of Mexican cuisine. In addition to Cantina Diablos, owner Brian Kramer operates Rosie O’Grady’s with locations in Ferndale, Sterling Heights and Chesterfield. Learn more about Cantina Diablos at or the Rosie’s near you at