BIG Communications

Maybe it‚Äôs because¬†BIG Communications¬†is a certified ‚Äúwoman-owned business.‚Ä̬†Or maybe it‚Äôs because they‚Äôre plain good at what they do.

Whatever the reason, this Ferndale-based¬†marketing agency has dispensed with the ‚Äėattitude‚Äô and touts empathy and understanding as¬†its ‚Äúcompetitive advantage.‚ÄĚ

Providing interactive marketing firm for pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies, BIG Communications wears its Midwest values on its sleeve.

And that has lead to some BIG successes.

Tom Hendrickson sits down with President/CEO Lisa Stern to talk about what makes BIG such a… well,… big deal.

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