Architect builds a track record with new store on Woodward

An architect fulfills passion and hobby in new store on Woodward in Ferndale.


Someday, Rainy Hamilton, Jr. hopes to look out his storefront on the west side of Woodward Avenue and see a futuristic light rail line.

Inside his business, Rainy Day Hobbies, is an imitation of rail travel that goes back decades.
Hamilton, a Detroit-based architect, has had a love for model trains since his father, Rainy, Sr., bought him his first set of tracks in his basement some 50 years ago.

Opening a 2,000 square foot building last month at 22961 Woodward Avenue, just north of Nine Mile, fulfills a dream, he said.

“I’m glad my parents exposed me to many creative activities like model building,” he said in an e-mail while on a business trip last week. “Having a business that revolves around a passion or hobby makes it easy to put in the necessary time to start such a venture, especially in this economy. It’s a joy to ‘work’ around so many model trains and to assist others in their creative endeavors.”

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