Year in Review: The top stories of 2018

Another year has come and gone—it feels like we were only just writing that about 2017!—and so we would like to take the opportunity to reflect back on the year that was in Oakland County. These were our top stories of 2018, which means these are the stories that you, dear readers, read, liked, and shared the most. And what these top stories have taught us about you is that you really like to get out and explore all of the great restaurants, entertainment, and activities Oakland County has to offer…and you also really like the idea of shipping the kids off to STEM camps for the summer!

Thank you all for another great year, and please enjoy this little jaunt down memory lane with us!

Great date night restaurants in Oakland County
The dining scene in metro Detroit just keeps getting better, and these restaurants are the cream of Oakland County’s very fine crop. Bookmark this one for future reference!

This summer, send the kids to a STEM camp
And bookmark this for future reference too, since there was definitely a LOT of interest here! And hey, STEM camp also means your kids are learning something constructive and valuable too…with the added bonus of getting them out of the house for a week.

Fourth of July fireworks celebrations in Oakland County
So many fireworks, so little time! Summertime in Oakland County is a certain kind of magical, and seeing fireworks light up the sky over one of our parks or lakes is a spectacular experience for the whole family.

Main Street Pontiac is spearheading efforts for transformational change in downtown Pontiac
Downtown Pontiac us undergoing massive transformation, and it has been a long time (and a lot of effort by a lot of very committed and engaged folks) coming. We’re thrilled to see the changes that have been happening here in the heart of Oakland County.

AUCH Construction celebrates 110 years with a beautiful new building in downtown Pontiac
Speaking of changes afoot in downtown Pontiac, AUCH Construction’s beautiful new building basically serves as the new gateway to the city. Not bad a company that’s over a century old.

RoboZone TV shows how robotics combines the best of varsity sports and STEM education
There are competitive events for robotics—varsity sports for the STEM set—and they event have their own dedicated TV show. Check out RoboZone TV, the only TV series dedicated to high school robotics in the country.

Lance Luce – the local theatre organist who inspired Liberace’s rhinestone shoes
Lance Luce is a professional theatre organist known for his theatrical flair. In fact, Liberace himself even cribbed his style.

The Suburban Collection Showplace expands into a multi-purpose venue that can host concerts and more
Over the years, the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi has grown and expanded to become the premiere events and expo center in Oakland County. This summer saw the completion of the first phase of a massive expansion currently underway, adding hundreds of thousands of additional square feet of space that can accommodate everything from sporting events to concerts.

Fire & Ice Festival moves across the street
It moved! But only across the street. We’ll of course let you know if anything changes for this year’s event and publish all the details once we have them!

Welcome to the Year of the Hippo
We love this charming gift shop in Lake Orion, and so do you! If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, do check this place out.

Fourth time the charm as Rochester Hills painter winner of 2018 MI Great Artist Online Competition
If at first you don’t succeed…Rochester Hills painter Kim Fujiwara knows all about trying and trying again. This three-time finalist finally took home the top prize in this year’s MI Great Artist online competition with a charming painting of Alice pouting in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter and March Hare ignore her during teatime.