Oakland University Art Show

The OaklandUniversityStudent Exhibition — titled Eclectic Collection — is the art work from 26
students studying art at OaklandUniversity. From the work
submitted juror and special instructor for the OU Department of art and art
history Sally Schluter Radella selected pieces that would reflect a broad range
of mediums from computer generated images to silver gelatin prints, plaster
sculpture, a variety of drawing materials, and oil painting. The Levels of
student experience are also diverse, ranging from beginning through advanced.
Radella said that the one commonality is a commitment to the study of art at

Exhibit will be on display at the Oakland County Galleria, located in the NorthOaklandHealthCenterin building 34E through January 5, 2009.


OaklandCountyofficials said the county is happy to partner with OaklandUniversityto showcase the talents of their local college students and provide those
students with an opportunity to learn how to professionally exhibit their work.

critical part of learning to be an artist is the understanding of the
exhibition process. For Eclectic Collection, students were asked to submit
original, presentation ready work. Each submission had to include a brief
artist statement, a valuable incorporation of the writing emphasized in the OU
program. For many of these students, this is the first time they have exhibited
their work publicly, and the only exhibition experience they may have before
they begin their Senior Thesis Project, a semester long requirement for all
Studio Art majors that culminates in an exhibition at the OaklandUniversityArtGallery,
Radella said.

Oakland County Office of Arts, Culture & Film and the Department of Art
& Art History have developed a partnership to facilitate the exchange
between OaklandUniversitystudents and the broader community of OaklandCounty.
This venue has become an important opportunity for students to showcase their
work, experience the exhibition process, and interact with the arts community
beyond the university.

exhibition was presented & sponsored by the Oakland County Office of Arts,
Culture & Film and the OaklandUniversity Art & Art
History Department. Opening reception sponsored by La Pittura of Oakland

Eclectic Collection: OaklandUniversity Student Exhibition will be on view through
January 5 at the Oakland County Galleria, located in the NorthOaklandHealthCenter, Building 34E,

1200 North Telegraph Road

in Pontiac.


— Friday, 9:00 am — 4:30 pm

to the public & free admission

are three students who received awards for their artwork:

Abdelnour, Overall Excellence Award


on paper

was inspired though this piece to really push the idea of realistic portrait
drawing in terms of my own technique. The piece is really about process for
myself and about finished product for the viewer. The tedious use of line and
texture really highlight the image and create a successful and engaging
interpretation. The gaze is always something that I end up falling in love with
my work and I believe the viewer absorbs that passion and connects with the
drawing as much as I have myself, creating it.”

Butwin, Conceptual Excellence Award


and spray paint on canvas

with the concept of taking on different personas correlated to environment and
objects worn, I experimented with the process of using objects as stencils to create
a background in which my face was blended into. I mixed elements of realism and
minimalism to produce a recognizable yet unnatural portrait.”

McClure, Technical Excellence Award



The amount of opinions that occupy the world are astronomical. Branded labels
the figure in the photograph as a black and white, nature photographer; but is
that all she is? The image on her back is appropriated from the photograph Rose
and Driftwood, originally taken by landscape photographer Ansel Adams.
Judgments impede the reality of who someone really is and the many
relationships are undiscovered because of it.”