March: Emerging Biz In Oakland County

Who is growing in Oakland County?

These companies from the county’s Emerging Sectors and Traditional Sectors programs made big strides
and grew the local economy, adding jobs and dollars in March 2010.


Sector Companies:

Oasis Engineering
of Auburn Hills
Investment for March ’10: $7,500,000
Jobs: 100
Retained Jobs: 25
Sector: Defense/Homeland Security
Name: Oasis Expansion

Traditional Sector Successes:

RECARO of Auburn Hills
for March ’10: $5,978,100
Retained Jobs: 69
Sector: Traditional
Project Name: RECARO Product Diversification

Saab North America of Royal Oak
for March ’10: $2,400,000
New Jobs: 60
Sector: Traditional
Project Name: Saab North American HQ

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