Tanner Friedman PR firm keeps a steady beat, adds jobs each year

Business culture can be as important as the business plan for the people in charge of Tanner Friedman. Actually, the two are practically synonymous for the Farmington Hills-based firm.

“We foresaw a lot of the changes that were coming in business in general and especially in Michigan,” says Matt Friedman, partner of Tanner Friedman. “We thought a firm that was nimble and adhered to a specific culture would be successful.”

Tanner Friedman’s culture revolves around a core set of values, such as respect for clients and picking customers that are a good fit with the public relations firm’s work environment. Add to that a business model that allows for smaller projects with more clients, and a billing system to accommodate it.

“It’s all part and parcel to our growth,” says Don Tanner, partner with Tanner Friedman.

Tanner Friedman started with two people in 2007. Today it has seven employees, seven independent contractors, and a couple of interns. The company’s revenues have consistently increased since its founding and it is projecting another banner year in 2011.

Source: Don Tanner and Matt Friedman, partners at Tanner Friedman
Writer: Jon Zemke

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This article previously appeared in Metromode.